Our House

In 1956 my father, René Hurtado, began this house. For three generations my family and I have passed our family life. During 2007 my daughter, Claudia, and I decided to start Cariño Porteño Bed and Breakfast. Cariño Porteño is not a regular hostel; we are committed to preserve that special family environment though Maria, my mother, accommodated dozens of guests. Many would say “it’s like a honey house”. From that time there still remains the open space and the piano but most important of all is the warm spirit for all the people whom visit our house.

The house is located in Rosa Riquelme Street, Placeres hill. This is a neighborhood located between Valparaiso and Viña del Mar, just 5 minutes driving to either cities. It has plenty of access to a range of public transport accesses such as bus, taxi, and train. Moreover, we are located just three blocks from Santa Maria University and the INACAP institute.

In walking distance from our home our guests have a wide range of gastronomic possibilities. The centenary restaurant El Parrón (meat) and Portofino, Doña Tatito, Los Compadres y Caleta Portales all provide excellent sea food. There are other popular options near the beach like the Fisher’s man restaurant. Also, located close to our house is the Paseo Weelwright, a nice two kilometers pedestrian walk that connects with the Muelle Barón and offers beautiful views of the hills and the coast.